How to write action class in struts 2 example

Then deploy this WAR in the Tomcat's webapps directory. UploadForm ; import com. Most commonly used action classes are: The user will be forwarded to the success page.

Explain various Action classes used in struts framework

By extending the "struts-default" package the action will by default inherit the set of interceptors defined in the defaultstack. Since Struts 2 requires struts. IOException ; import java. The information of the sequence in which these interceptors are executed for the action is stored in the ActionInvocation object in form of stack.

What is Action Class? You should see the next page Note that you can define index as an action in struts. The DispatchAction uses a hidden request parameter to determine which method to invoke.

Then deploy this WAR in the Tomcat's webapps directory.

Struts 2 - Hello World Example

We have standard getters and setter methods for the "name" property and an execute method that returns the string "success". HttpServletResponse ; import org. Map ; import javax. Allow users to change their locale.

The dispatch action class also extends the basic action class. ActionForm ; import org. For each field the error messages can be added using the addFieldError method. Create an action handler class that subclasses LookupDispatchAction: Struts is an open source framework used in java based web application.

The struts framework is widely used in web applications and well established in the market place. The defaultstack will be sufficient in most cases. If any error has occured the workflow interceptor will stop the request processing and transfer the control to the input page with the appropriate error messages.

The value of the incoming request parameter is the name of the method that the DispatchAction will invoke. An example of such implementations are: Eclipse had already created a skeleton web.

This is an abstract base class that minimizes the amount of special coding that needs to be written to download a file. This class has an advantage over the action class that it does not has to explicitly override the execute method rather the developers are free to write their own methods.

Create Main Page We also need to create index. The Action class responds to a user action when user clicks a URL. The properties files should have the same name as the Action class.

If the request was cancelled, the custom handler cancelled, will be used instead. If the submit was cancelled, the custom handler cancelled will be used instead. The page parameter specifies the module relative action. Classes extending the Action class should override the execute method.

Switch Action - used to switch between different modules in struts application. Action ; import org. Because we already have a link, simply change it as follows:In this file, we have defined 2 configuration files file and file.

The file is located inside the first directory and file. Create Action Class. Action class is the key to Struts 2 application and we implement most of the business logic in action class. So let us create a java file under Java Resources > src with a package name lietuvosstumbrai.com2 with the contents given below.

The Action class responds to a user action when user clicks a URL. An Action class in the struts application extends Struts '" Class. Action class acts as wrapper around the business logic and provides an inteface to. Struts 2 provides a JUnit plugin library that makes it easier to develop unit tests for testing your Struts 2 action classes.

to test your action you need to know which aspect action class required in order to run. you can check this example. 2) Create the action class ( This Action class has five fields and one execute method. As we know, struts framework creates instance of the action class per request, we are passing this object in the save method of RegisterDao class.

The user enters the user name and password and clicks the login button. The login action is invoked. The validate method in the LoginForm class is called when the Form is submitted.

How to write action class in struts 2 example
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