Work life balance essay

Due to the increasing number of working mothers, it usually applied to women that they need to maintain a balance between working hours and career break arrangements such as maternity leave. Many organisations are reluctant to implement flexible work conditions due to concerns about the cost implications.

In Australia, as a result of these reforms following rules are now in place. It is also related to "lifestyle balance" and "life balance".

Work Life Balance

In general, it suggested that UK has a flexible workforce labor with family life to maintain the balance between work and life. They are given the assignments with deadlines and they can have their own schedule as far as they are meeting the deadlines.

For instance, Motorola offers job sharing which benefits and support women even they are pregnant. It delivers network communications and internet to individuals, companies and homes.

This results in lower stress in the work place and greater enjoyment in the home Guest, On the other hand corporate world today has become exceedingly demanding. This should no longer be the case due to aforementioned reasons.

The society over the years has recognized women's need to legal and financial independence.

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There used to be a time when the domain of work and personal life were clearly distinct. Australian organisations are rapidly looking for ways of making their employee lives well balanced between work and family.

In offices also, efforts are being made to provide friendly work atmosphere for the employees by providing all sorts of refreshments available for the employee. Organizations now focus on grooming their employees who are now not considered merely a work force but regarded as the 'Human Capital' of the organization.

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Organizations today to some extent have realized the importance of the employee-work-life balance and its importance in the efficiency of the employees. Company Image Organisations who have genuine interest in promoting and supporting work-life balance policies often considered good corporate citizens.

It also affects their professional stature when they return to work. One of the employee called Mary McDonald who is a single parent with two children applied the job and she claimed that job sharing and working hours are very flexible, therefore this works very well with her family life while she is looking after two children.

Start your day by taking care of the little things you have to do at home. Many Work-life balance policies and practices do not have any actual cost implications but rely on a more imaginative approach to everyday working conditions Hughes et al, Australia is heading towards a skills shortage due to its aging population and declining population growth ABS, Caring for elderly is becoming a growing issue for many employers and employees.

Life will be always demanding and may not slow up any time soon. The changing economic conditions and social demands have changed the nature of work throughout the world.

It all depends on the nature of the job due to the job difficulties and the levels of stress from the work itself. April 05, They can help facilitate work-life balance for their employees through work-life programs and training.

This causes the improvement in employee performance in the work place and positive public image for the organisations Everyone is looking for perfect balance in life as this can be the key to a healthy living.

The organization has to provide at least 12 weeks leave in a year for their birth, individuals or family illness.Managing work life balance Introduction This essay is going to examine managing work life balance and how organizations are going to manage it in contemporary human resource management with relevant organizational examples.

Moreover, we will look at the current issues and the problems of work life balance. Work life balance (WLB) is a term which [ ]. Work Life Balance Essay MGT Paper Work/Life Balance In today’s global and competitive economy, companies are striving to produce products and services of great value. To accomplish this goal of producing great products and services, companies need to have a talented and motivated work.

Work & Life Balance

I realize that work-life balance is just one aspect of balance; you can have the right amount of time at work vs.

personal life, but then get out of balance taking care of others in your personal life when you need to be taking better care of yourself!

Or you can run into challenges in your work life itself in finding balance with the types of activities you do or relationships you create. This is the sentence that brings the idea when we talk of work-life balance.

Work Life Balance

When we work every day, all day, with no time set aside for living. Managing work life balance Introduction This essay is going to examine managing work life balance and how organizations are going to manage it in contemporary human resource management with relevant organizational examples.

Moreover, we will look at the current issues and. Research on the Balance Between Work and Life in Pakistan (Comparing Six Day Work Weeks with Those who Work Five Days per Week) - The purpose of this research work is the comparison of the effects on social life of individual, one who work 6 days a week and second who works 5 days a week.

Work life balance essay
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